5 Surprising Things We Learned About Kate Middleton's Kids from Their Brand-New Photos

ICYMI: Prince William celebrated both his 38th birthday and Father’s Day on Sunday.

In honor of the big day, Kensington Palace released brand-new photos of William and his kids. The first one—which was taken by Kate Middleton earlier this month—was shared on Saturday and featured the Duke of Cambridge sitting on a swing with Prince George, 6, Princess Charlotte, 5, and Prince Louis, 2. On Sunday, the royal Twitter account posted two more sweet snaps of William having fun with the children in the grass.

Don’t get us wrong, we love candid family photos as much as the next gal. However, we couldn’t help but notice a few minor details that gave us some major insight into the lives of the Cambridge kids.

First of all, it’s clear Charlotte loves animals (something she probably inherited from her corgi-loving Gan-Gan). If you zoom in on her outfit, aka an adorable pair of overalls and a striped shirt, you’ll notice there’s a flamingo and a zebra. Second, it seems like the princess already knows how to accessorize, because she matched said pink flamingo to her shoes and her hair-tie (check out the photo below for a closer look at each).

It’s also apparent that Prince George is the daredevil of the group: In the picture of the family on the rope swing, the 6-year-old is only holding on with one hand. And then there’s Louis, who not only looks identical to a young Kate Middleton but also clearly loves matching outfits with his ol’ man (navy, FTW).

Last but not least, it's hard not to notice the similarity in hair color between the two boys. If you look closely at the snap of the group rolling around (grass stains have nothing on these guys), George and Louis’s hair is exactly the same color, texture and length. Charlotte’s on the other hand, looks a bit darker and perhaps not as thick as her brothers'.

It’s all about the details, people.