Kate Hudson Doesn’t Do Routines…but She Does Stick to This 1 Wellness Mantra

Routine: It’s either what keeps you sane or drives you crazy, depending on your personality type. And in today’s never stop hustling world, throngs of people look to the morning routines of successful people in hopes it’ll propel them to the next level. Kate Hudson knows this, but if she’s being honest, routine isn’t her jam.

The 37-year-old new mom chatted exclusively with PureWow about what drives her to stay healthy and—spoiler alert—it’s not 6 a.m. ACV pulls. Instead, Hudson, who has partnered with WW to kick-start her post-baby wellness journey, abides by one key manta.

“I’m not a very strictly regimented personality,” Hudson explained. “I love my food. I like to travel and experience different things and not leave things out. For me, I get asked about my routines a lot, whether it be fitness or whether it be food or beauty regime. And what I always say is, it all starts with food.” Ding, ding, ding!

Over time, the Almost Famous actress has come to view health in a different perspective thanks to this paradigm. “I’d always wanted to have a nicely fueled machine [aka body] that can last for a long time. I’m also very athletic, so I’ve enjoyed understanding the body forever,” she said.

Now, in her new capacity as a WW spokesperson, Hudson says her curiosity about the food-body relationship has become contagious. “The number one thing I’d say to people [interested in getting healthy] is you have to know what you’re putting in your body,” she reasoned. “The more [knowledge] you have, the more you’ll discover and the more fun it becomes for you because you start to understand the science of yourself.”

Does this mean we can stop drinking celery juice and just read a book about it instead? Thank goodness.   

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