Kate Hudson’s Key to Thriving, Not Just Surviving, as a Working Mom

Kate Hudson is the co-founder of a thriving athleisure company, an actress and the newest WW spokesperson. But when it comes to prioritizing, her children always come first.

The 39-year-old How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star chatted exclusively with PureWow about her new WW partnership, how she balances it all and the single old-school tool she couldn’t do it without.

Although Hudson crushes social media and helms a fashion tech startup, when it comes to staying organized she eschews apps and relies on a physical planner.

As she explained, “I like being spontaneous, but as my life got crazier with kids and and my own work, I realized that everything in my life needed to be scheduled and I needed to be able to say no to certain things.” (We feel you.)

And when Hudson came to that conclusion, iCal just wouldn’t cut it. “I love my iPhone, but I find that when I’m on my iPad and phone too much I get distracted with things I shouldn’t be distracted with,” she explained. “So I actually have an old-school schedule. I write everything down. I have it in my phone too, but I plan out my week and I make sure I have a real cut-off time.” 

For Hudson, that means making sure her workday ends at 5 p.m. so she can spend quality time with her sons, Ryder (15) and Bingham (7), and 3-month-old daughter, Rani.

She said, “There are certain things I have to put first for my sanity, and if that means I ended up missing out on a job or mess up on something, that’s fine because it’s about my kids…We all put our phones down and connect at certain times of day. And I think that structuring in those times in an old-school way is nothing that apps can help me with. You just have to set an intention to connect more and shut off more and then you can reboot. That leads me to be more motivated at the right time.”

*Orders planner on Amazon immediately*


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