Kate Hudson Is Ready to Make Oprah Her New Work Wife

Kate Hudson recently joined the WW community as its newest spokesperson. And while the healthy living overhaul and point system are all total incentives, there’s one aspect of her new gig that’s even more epic: She gets to work with Oprah Winfrey. (Squee!)

The 39-year-old actress-turned-founder chatted exclusively with PureWow about kick-starting her post-baby wellness journey with WW. So, naturally we had to ask: What’s it like working with Queen O?

Although Oprah did welcome the new mom to the WW family via FaceTime, they’ve yet to pick vegetables in her garden or swap favorite thing recommendations. Like us however, Hudson is definitely looking forward to making some memories with Winfrey.

“We’ve had a couple of opportunities to speak,” she explained. “But we haven’t had an opportunity to really get our feet wet and do fun things together, which I hope we get to do still just because I love her so much.” (Same, Kate. Same.)

While the duo may not be work wives yet, it became abundantly clear while speaking with Hudson that she and Winfrey are cut from the same cloth.

Discussing her priorities and making strides in achieving balance, the Almost Famous actress admitted, “I don’t know how not to be busy, it’s just who I am. I work all the time. I have a million different things going on in a million different areas. I absolutely love it, but my kids are always my priority. So trying to balance all of that out. It is challenging.”

So how does she make it work? “For me it’s just schedule, schedule, schedule, and its also [allowing] some things [to] take the back seat,” she shared.

Now as a WW ambassador, Hudson says she’s “trying to motivate everyone to say, OK, here are my goals, here’s my priority and how do you make this happen?”

Yep, she and Oprah will be swapping zero-point recipes in no time. 

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