Kate Hudson Reveals How Mom Goldie Hawn Taught Her More Than Just Acting

It looks like Kate Hudson's mom, Goldie Hawn, has passed down more than great genes and stellar acting skills to her daughter.

Hudson recently chatted with PureWow about her wellness journey and her love of myWW+ (a Weight Watchers program focused on a holistic approach to wellness and weight loss across four key pillars: food, activity, sleep and mindset). And during our chat, the 41-year-old actress shared an interesting tidbit about how her mom has influenced her outlook and practices when it comes to her overall health.

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She told us, "Where I learned my discipline is really from my mother. She's been disciplined forever. I grew up with a parent that was disciplined. I grew up with the knowledge of food, of understanding food and understanding how to boost your immune system, and the importance of being active and being put in dance class my whole life."

From what she's told us about her upbringing, it comes as no surprise that the actress values being active. While talking about her fitness practices during the quarantine, she revealed that things have very been different, but it hasn't stopped her from getting her workouts in. She revealed, "I'm very good at being sedentary, but not for long periods of time. I like to chill out, but when it comes to my body and how my body feels, I really have to be active. It's just in me."

If you need proof, the Something Borrowed star has not only been working with WW as brand ambassador, but she's also been posting fun snaps from her own workout sessions on Instagram. In October, Hudson shared a pic of herself and her mom breaking a sweat on her Instagram Story. The mother-daughter duo posed from her home gym and Hudson wrote, "Gym visit!"

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Also, in August, the actress gave her followers a glimpse of her morning yoga session on her Instagram page. In the clip, her 1-year-old daughter, Rani Rose, climbs on her mom as Hudson tries to switch poses. In the caption, she wrote, "Morning yoga with my little monkey #PartnerYoga #SundaySelfCareInMyUnderwear #kitundergarments.”

During our chat, the actress told us that she and her kids are big fans of the recipes from WW, as she revealed, "I have yet to do a recipe on the WW program that I don't like. The mac and cheese I posted [on Instagram] the other day, my kids loved it, I loved it, everyone loved it."

Aside from opening up about wellness, the mother of three also spilled some details about how her family celebrates the holidays (at least during non-pandemic years). She said, "The holidays are really that time that we're all together. What I mean by that is my mother and my dad, Kurt, and Oliver and Wyatt and Boston, our whole family really does come together, all of the kids, my cousin comes with his kids, it really is a special time for all of us."

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