Kaley Cuoco Just Posted a Rare Photo of Her Lookalike Sister and We Have a Question About That Caption

Kaley Cuoco doesn’t post photos of her family all that often (outside of her husband, Karl Cook, and her adorable dog, Dump Truck, that is), but just this week she dedicated not one, but two Instagram posts to her sister Briana. The occasion? Bri’s birthday. (Cue the awws.)

The two photos are further proof that the sisters look incredibly alike, outside of their hair color, but we have to admit, one of Cuoco’s captions is making us do a bit of a double take.

Cuoco’s first post, which is dated November 29, included an incredibly sweet celebratory message about how Kaley is “constantly in awe (and slightly jealous) of how cool” her little sister is and wishing her a “happy happy birthday.”

Her second sister-centric post, however, came alongside the caption “November birthday twins” with a few festive emojis. And now we feel we simply have to ask... do we think they’re “twins” or are they twins? Because if it were not for the difference in hair color, we’re not sure we would’ve been able to identify which sister is Kaley and which is Bri sitting in front of that cake. (Though we’ll admit, the moody lighting helps a bit with the confusion.)

Apparently, there is a three-year age difference between the two women—Kaley is 35 and Bri is 32—and their birthdays land just one day apart, on November 30 and November 29, respectively. But honestly, we’ve repeatedly been stunned by just how similar the sisters really are to one another. Just look at this photo Bri posted back in June. Perhaps, though, we shouldn’t be all that surprised given how much they also look like their mom, Layne, as evidenced by Kaley’s birthday Instagram dedication to her back in August. (The gene pool is very strong within this family.)

Kaley is currently starring in a new HBO series The Flight Attendant, while Bri continues to make music with The Bluebird Band and is the voice of Batgirl in the HBO Max animated series Harley Quinn in which her sister also voices the titular character. Fingers crossed we get to see these two doing more projects together in the future.



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