Kaley Cuoco Addresses ‘Big Bang Theory’ Reunion Gossip

kaley cuoco big bang theory reunion

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since Big Bang Theory aired its final episode. But (good news!), Kaley Cuoco is sharing details about a possible reunion show.

In a recent interview with E! News, the 35-year-old actress (who played Penny) addressed the elephant in the room: Will the Big Bang Theory cast ever reunite? As it turns out, Cuoco is all for it.

“I would definitely be open to some sort of reunion show,” she said. “I can’t wait for the Friends one, and so I’m definitely open to doing one ourselves, as well.”

As for timing, Cuoco warned fans that it probably wouldn’t happen for quite some time, adding, “It does still feel like yesterday that we wrapped. I think everyone is kind of trying out their new paths and seeing what their next project is, and I’m excited to see how everyone flourishes.”

She continued, “I think in a few years or whenever anyone’s open to it, I definitely will be down for that. It was a life-changing experience for all of us, and it’d be great to do that for the fans, too, because we had such an amazing fan base that stuck with us for so long.”

Cuoco also confirmed that she’s still “really close” with the cast, particularly Johnny Galecki (Leonard). “Johnny and I are very close,” she added. “We talk multiple times a week. In fact, he literally—as this phone call started—he had just sent me a picture of his baby.”

All we have to say is…Bazinga!

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