Julia Roberts Refuses to Watch Her Niece Emma in ‘American Horror Story’ & Here's Why

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Just because Emma Roberts is the star of American Horror Story: Apocalypse doesn’t mean her aunt, Julia Roberts, is an avid watcher. But don’t go hating on the Pretty Woman actress, because she has a totally relatable reason for not tuning in.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Emma discussed her AHS roles—Madison Montgomery in Coven (season three), Maggie Esmerelda in Freak Show (season four) and Serena Belinda in Cult (season seven)—and revealed that her famous aunt isn’t a fan of the FX series.

“She’s too scared! I’m basically too scared to watch it even,” she said.

Roberts went on to discuss the difference between being on set and seeing it on-screen, adding, “Because when you’re shooting it, it’s not scary and then…they add in all the effects and cut it together. I mean, I sometimes watch it with my eyes closed. I don’t blame her.”

If it helps, we spend the majority of each episode hiding behind a pillow (there’s no shame in that, right?!).

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