New Jonas Brothers Music Video for ‘Only Human’ Has Their O.G. Fans (and Everyone Else) Feeling Nostalgic

When the Jonas Brothers disbanded six years ago to pursue new ventures, their tweenage fans were left with only the sweet, sweet memories of “Burnin’ Up” and that one time they guest-starred on Hannah Montana. (Oh, the early aughts.) But now that they’re back with new music, the O.G. fans can finally relive their golden years (er, kind of.) And with the latest Jo Bro release, it looks like the trio might be catering to just that.

The new music video for “Only Human” (from their latest album Happiness Begins) is full of nostalgia in more ways than one. Imagine if the Jonas Brothers were around in the ’80s and that’s kind of what you get.

In the video, the Jonas Brothers are playing onstage, clad in vintage attire (i.e., baggy pants and Wayfarers), while “clubgoers” bop around to the beat. If it sounds hokey, we kind of think that’s on purpose—Joe’s exaggerated moves read more Saturday Night Live than anything else (and we mean that as a compliment). At one point, there’s a choreographed dance in front of a taxi—what year is it again?

But if it seems like they’re catering to the wrong set (remember, Nick Jonas wasn’t even born in the 1980s), wait until the very end, when the original Jonas Brothers logo (yep, the one that was in every Disney Channel commercial circa 2008) flashes on-screen. As one Twitter user put it, “the old JB logo at the end of the ‘Only Human’ video hit me so hard like a big ol’ slap of nostalgia ’round the face, I’m still recovering.”

This makes us feel old in so many ways. They must know we’re *suckers* for a throwback (heh).

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