The Jonas Brothers Are Back, ‘Sucker’! And Their New Single Drops at Midnight

It’s been six long years since the Jonas Brothers decided to put down their microphones and focus on other endeavors. Nick married Priyanka Chopra after dating for just seven months, Joe is currently planning his wedding to Sophie Turner, and Kevin, well, we’re not entirely sure what he’s be up to but presumably he’s been enjoying his free time by hanging out with his wife and two daughters.

But now the Jo Bros are officially back together and recording new music and, no offense to Priyanka and Sophie, but this is the most exciting announcement they’ve made since 2013.

The guys informed the world of their return to the recording studio (and our hearts) with two Instagram posts on February 28. The first is a pic for their new single, “Sucker,” which shows the brothers wearing some very colorful (and Beyoncé approved) ensembles and posing in front of what looks like a castle (perhaps Oheka Castle where Kevin got married?) covered in streams of balloons.

The second is a promo for a Carpool Karaoke session on The Late Late Show with James Cordon, where they finally announce the band is back together again. And while our hearts definitely swooned hearing the guys come together to sing “Burnin’ Up” live once again, we were most excited to hear what we’re pretty sure is a preview of the new single near the end of the full version of the promo.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for midnight EST to get the song in full, but you can bet we’ll be watching that mini clip on repeat until the clock strikes 12.



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