Looks Like Beyoncé and Kevin Jonas Have the Same Taste in Shirts

Earlier today the Jonas Brothers announced their return to the recording studio and the release of their first song in six years, “Sucker.” And while most of us were distracted by all the excitement and busied ourselves with watching the promo for the band’s Carpool Karaoke session on The Late Late Night Show with James Cordon, one enterprising soul kept their head on straight and remembered the most important question of all: How does this announcement relate to our queen and savior, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter?

As it turns out, we don’t even need to bother with six degrees of separation because, as the good people at E! News noticed, the shirt Kevin Jonas is wearing on the cover for his new single was also worn by Beyoncé back in January. We repeat, Queen Bey and Kevin Jonas own the exact same shirt.

Beyoncé posted a series of images of her wearing the Dries Von Noten short-sleeve button-downshirt in question (technically a men’s shirt, but you do you, Bey) and the matching pants on January 31. And although the shirt is swiftly selling out (despite a $545 price tag), it looks like Jonas may have had enough time to spot Queen B’s post, recognize how incredible she looked in the swirling rainbow pattern and purchase one for himself just in time to shoot the album cover for his new single.

Or maybe he stumbled upon the shirt of his own volition and chose to buy it without any influence from Mrs. Carter. Who’s to say?

Although Bey wore it first, the jury is still out on who wore it best (we kind of like how Jonas swapped the matching pants for an orange and pink Hawaiian-print pair, but then again, Beyoncé is Beyoncé).

Dries Von Noten shirt ($545)