Hold Up, John Krasinski’s Brother-in-Law Is Stanley Tucci?!

Well, we never saw this coming.

It turns out that two of Hollywood's biggest prankstersJohn Krasinski and Stanley Tucci—are actually related (by marriage at least) and we can't believe we never made this connection. For all those who were unaware, Tucci shared a photo of himself and Krasinski chatting, along with a caption that said, “HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM MY FAMILY TO YOURS.”

This image was followed by a TikTok from author and marketing strategist Alexa Shoen, where she says, “Sometimes, when I'm stressed out about the weight of the world, I can calm myself down by remembering that John Krasinski's married to Emily Blunt and Stanley Tucci (on the set of The Devil Wears Prada) met Emily Blunt's sister, and now they are married...Which means that John Krasinski and Stanley Tucci are both the American sons-in-law in the Blunt family.”

After Tucci shared the video, Shoen commented on the post and said, “OH MY GOD I CAN’T BREATHE, MY UPDATED MEDITATION NOW INCLUDES THE FACT THAT YOU ALL SIT AROUND ON THANKSGIVING AND *WATCH* THIS TIKTOK. Happy TGives to you and yours, Tucci.”

Tucci got engaged to Blunt's sister, Felicity, back in 2011, and a source told Us Weekly that, “Emily loved Stanley on the set of Devil, and just thought they would hit it off, so she set them up.”

The pair got married in 2012, only two years after the younger Blunt tied the knot to Krasinski.

Although this is the first time Tucci has shared a photo with Krasinski on his Instagram, he was featured on The Office alum's Instagram last year, when he guest starred on Krasinski's Some Good News web series. In a special cooking episode, Tucci made a variety of cocktails that he called “quarantinis.”

The things we would do to attend their Thanksgiving dinner.

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