John Krasinski Wanted to Marry Anne Hathaway but Got Emily Blunt Instead

John Krasinski may be married to Emily Blunt, but that doesn’t mean she’s his favorite actress.

The couple recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show, where Blunt called out her husband for having a low-key crush on Anne Hathaway. In fact, not only does Krasinski watch The Devil Wears Prada on the regular, but he also analyzes his favorite scenes, even if they don’t include his wife.

Blunt says, “There’s a sort of montage sequence where Annie Hathaway’s got numerous fabulous outfits that they go through. And John, one day I came home, and he was watching it, and he was watching the montage bit. And he goes, ‘That’s my favorite outfit.’”

In a total Krasinski move, he chimes in with a joke about his wife’s costar, saying, “I couldn’t get Annie and so I was like, ‘Ohhhh…’”

But wait, there’s more. Hathaway took to Instagram when she caught wind of the comments and joked that she feels the same about her husband, Adam Shulman…with a twist.

She captioned the post, “John, I’m only with Adam because I couldn’t get Emily.”

Love triangle for The Devil Wears Prada sequel? Check.

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