Emily Blunt Details Her ‘Awful’ First Kiss on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Before Emily Blunt married The Office star John Krasinski, her romantic life was not always glamorous.

The A Quiet Place 2 actress shared details about her "horrific" first kiss during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. It all started when Kimmel asked Blunt about her favorite childhood birthday party.

“The one I really remember was my 13th birthday party because we played spin the bottle,” she said. “I remember there were, like, 18 kids in the dining room, and I put up a sign on the door saying, 'Don't come in, Mum!' And she listened! She probably had too many kids.”

Blunt continued, "We played spin the bottle, and it was my first kiss." When the audience reacted, she quickly said, "No, no, no! It was a horror show. It was awful."

She even revealed the name of her first kiss, saying, “His name is Ashley Clark. It was the '90s... Men had the curtains. It was just a thing in England. It was a hairstyle. It was parted in the middle and kind of floppy. It was quite an attractive thing, so if you were talking about boys, you'd be like, 'Have you seen his curtains?'” Blunt added, “Ashley Clark had great curtains. They were blonde, and he was very tall and very handsome.”

However, the kiss was not exactly what the actress was expecting. She said, “Now, I'd heard about the concept of French kissing, but I thought, 'Well, that sounds weird. Why would that be pleasurable or nice?' And it wasn't. It was not at all. I was just horrified by the whole thing. I just remember surreptitiously wiping my mouth afterwards. It was just horrible.”

We can definitely relate to a bad first kiss, Emily.

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