Joe Jonas Gets the ‘Bridgerton’ Treatment with the Help of Star Jonathan Bailey

While we're anxiously counting down the days until Bridgerton returns on March 25, it looks like one of the Jonas Brothers is already prepared for season 2.

Joe Jonas is part of a new campaign between the smash Netflix series and the English gin brand Tanqueray, where he is learning “how to T-time like a Bridgerton.” In this case, the “T” stands for Tanqueray gin, not tea.

For the ad, the Jonas Brother donned his best Regency-era outfit while acting the part. He was joined by one of the stars of the Netflix series, Jonathan Bailey (AKA Anthony Bridgerton), as well as comedian and writer Phoebe Robinson.

Bailey shared a clip of Jonas's transformation on his Instagram, where he said, “Told you being a Bridgerton wasn’t easy, @joejonas + @dopequeenpheebz. With some @tanquerayusa in hand, let’s turn teatime into T-Time #makeitTtime @bridgertonnetflix #Bridgerton.”

In the clip, Jonas says, “I know what you might be thinking. I'm a Jonas, not a Bridgerton.” But he counters by saying, “While that might be true, the internet has been kind enough to point out that I do look like one.”

The screen then fills with a series of tweets pointing out Jonas's similarity to the Bridgerton brothers, including one that says, “Anthony Bridgerton? You mean 1800s Joe Jonas.”

Jonas continues, “Teatime's not what it used to be, so I'm adding a twist, with the help of Phoebe Robinson and Jonathan Bailey himself.”

Bailey then jumps in to add, “To be a Bridgerton, you have to look like a Bridgerton, drink like a Bridgerton and dance like a Bridgerton.”

Will Jonas make a cameo on Bridgerton? We'll keep our fingers crossed.

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