JoAnna García Swisher of ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Says She Would Be Open to a ‘Reba’ Reboot

JoAnna García Swisher just celebrated the season 2 premiere of Sweet Magnolias, her hit Netflix series that is still dominating the streaming site's top ten (which we're hoping means there will be a season 3). But while the 42-year-old actress is staying busy, she recently revealed that she would be down for a reboot of Reba, the CW sitcom where Swisher starred as Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery for its six-season run.

During an appearance on the podcast The Art of Kindness with Robert Peterpaul, Swisher discussed her interest in reuniting with the Reba cast. When Peterpaul said, “I need a reboot, I need to see [Reba] come back,” Swisher responded, “Absolutely!” She also added, “We'd love to do it!” which leads us to believe the cast has discussed this together in the past (*fingers crossed*).

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Besides expressing her interest in a reunion, Swisher also showed her admiration for her co-star—country music legend Reba McEntire.

Swisher said, “She's so powerful because...she walks the walk, so I get so excited when people ask me how she is and I'm like, ‘Well, I'll happily go on glowingly about this woman.’”

She added, “But she's so strong, even in uncertain moments, and she's super grateful and gracious and kind.” Swisher also joked, “I really would take her in a dog fight. Don't underestimate her. She is so strong, but I think she would win that dog fight.”

The Sweet Magnolias star closed by calling McEntire a “really special human,” and we're not surprised that she had glowing things to say about her former TV mom.

Just last October, Swisher shared a snap of the Reba cast on her Instagram, saying, “These people, this show…changed my life. 6 years of laughing, learning, and loving together on and off the screen. There hasn’t been a moment big or small that my #reba family hasn’t been by my side. We knew what we had was special. And through the laughter we always hoped to tell stories you could relate to. At the heart of all of it is @reba. And if anyone is lucky to be in her orbit, you’re better for it. She’s a real and good as it gets. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years! Thanks for letting us into your hearts.”

We're gonna need this Reba reboot, ASAP.

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