Jessica Simpson's Daughter, Birdie, Looks *Exactly* Like Her Mom in New Instagram Pic

Jessica Simpson’s daughter, Birdie Mae, is not only growing up super fast, but she's also starting to look like a carbon copy of her mom.

The Open Book author recently shared a photo of her 20-month-old daughter on Instagram and fans just can't get over how much she looks like the singer. Simpson captioned the pic, "Even a sinus infection can’t keep this precious bucket of love from smiling #BIRDIEMAE."

In the photo, Birdie Mae smiles right at the camera as she sports a leopard-print top and enjoys her lollipop at the doctor's office. Almost immediately, the comments started pouring in. 

One fan wrote, "She looks just like you, especially the smile." Another commenter wrote, "Your twin for sure [heart emoji]."

The toddler doesn't just take after her mother in looks. Earlier this month, Simpson revealed that Birdie is just as obsessed with stylish footwear as her mom is. Alongside a snap of Birdie wearing a pair of Uggs, Simpson wrote, "Birdie definitely takes after mom...her second word was 'Shoes!' She demands to switch shoes 4x a day, and it doesn’t even matter whose—Ace’s and dad’s size 15’s too [laughing emoji]."

Aside from fabulous boots and lollipops, it appears that Birdie is also a big fan of leopard prints, since the 1-year-old was seen wearing a trendy, cheetah-print head wrap with her olive-green romper in Simpson's previous post.

Clearly, chic runs in the family.

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