Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern Want J.Lo to Appear in‘Big Little Lies’ Season 3, and Yes, Please!

As of now there is no set storyline or script for season three of Big Little Lies, but there is a new cast list. That is, if Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern have any say in the matter. The BBL and Wild costars took to Instagram Live on Monday evening to chat about what the future might hold for Madeline Mackenzie and Renata Klein, while offering up some names for people they'd love to see included in the Monterey drama, including Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube.

We would've been quicker to guess Mindy Kaling or Scarlett Johansson or someone else the women have worked with recently (maybe even Witherspoon's new BFF, Beyoncé), but why not dream big? As Witherspoon said, “I mean, I'm always hoping for J.Lo to show up, just 'cause I really enjoy some J.Lo.” Which, same. As for her suggestion to cast Ice Cube, Dern was immediately on board. “Hello? Obviously. There's no question, and such a good actor.”

Although both Lopez and Ice Cube began their careers in the music world, they also have a lot of experience in both film and television. Lopez most recently starred as Romona in the movie Hustlers with a performance that garnered plenty of Oscar buzz (although she was ultimately snubbed as a nominee). And of course we can't forget some our favorite old-school J.Lo movies like Monster-in-Law with Jane Fonda and The Wedding Planner with Matthew McConaughey.

On the other hand, Ice Cube made his acting debut in Boyz n the Hood in 1991 before going on to star as Calvin Palmer, Jr. in the Barbershop franchise as well as 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. He's also written multiple screenplays should Laine Moriarity and the BBL crew need some help with the script.

Witherspoon and Dern did admit they don't currently have much mapped out for a third season, nor are they positive that there will even be another season (something Casey Bloys, president of programming at HBO seemed to confirm back in July 2019). “We want to do it, we're just kind of waiting,” said Witherspoon. “We're trying, guys. We're trying to come up with the right story—and how do we end after that cliffhanger?”

Fingers crossed that being forced to stay home and consequently take a break from the usual day-to-day will give the Big Little Lies team the perfect opportunity to work out any roadblocks standing in the way of us finally finding out what's going to happen to the Monterey Five. And that J.Lo and Ice Cube are willing to clear some time in their calendars to pay a visit to the not-so-peaceful California coast.



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