Jennifer Garner & Her Two Sisters Look *So* Much Alike in New IG Pic

There we were, casually scrolling through our Instagram feed when suddenly, we spotted a photo of three smiling Jennifer Garners. Allow us to explain.

The 48-year-old Peppermint actress recently shared a rare snap of herself and her two sisters, Susannah Kay Garner Carpenter and Melissa Garner Wylie. While Garner is the middle child, the three ladies legit look like triplets at first glance. In the caption, the actress wrote, "As a little kid, I was tortured by my sisters’ birthdays, as their celebrations were within two weeks of each other and right after Christmas. Poor me! No one pays any attention!! (Jan Brady [raised hand emoji])."

Garner continued, "Today’s the day smack in the middle of my two favorite people, just like me. Melissa and Susannah, more dear to me with every passing year, I love you so. #GarnerGirls."

Apparently, we weren't the only ones who did a serious double take after seeing the actress with her lookalike siblings. One fan wrote, "Ahh so cute you all look alike." A second follower commented, "All three of you look beautiful and amazing." Even Ina Garten joined in and gushed, "Love you with your gorgeous sisters!!"

In case you missed it, Garner will be starring in Netflix's upcoming comedy film, called Yes Day. The movie, which follows two parents who say "yes" to their kids' requests for a full day, was inspired by Amy Krouse Rosenthal's book of the same name, and according to Garner, she's a lot like her character in the film.

She told Entertainment Weekly, "All of this started because I've done 'yes days' with my kids since my middle daughter was young. She loved that book so much! One day, she asked me if we could have a yes day and that it's all she wanted for Christmas and I agreed. It was before the trend really caught on. We started the tradition about eight or nine years ago and we've been doing them ever since."

She added, "No matter what we do during our yes days, we always end it in a tent in our backyard playing a game of Chickenfoot, which we learned from Sarah Jessica Parker. That's a tradition you'll also see in the film."

Fingers crossed we'll see more from Garner and her lookalike sisters.

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