Sarah Jessica Parker’s Daughter Is Too Advanced for Tie-Dye—She’s Already Sewing Dresses (with Pockets)

It’s been almost five months of quarantine (WTF) and while we’re still trying to master the art of tie-dye, Sarah Jessica Parker’s daughter has already mastered clothing design, no big deal.

The former Sex and the City star shared her 11-year-old daughter Tabitha’s most recent crafting project on Instagram, and we’re impressed. SJP captioned the post, “Tabitha's sewing machine. Up and running. The shingle is out. X, SJ.” The photo shows a dress and mask in a festive ice-cream print fabric that would make Carrie Bradshaw proud. (Parker has been DIYing her own projects, too, although her no-sew face mask made from a T-shirt and safety pins isn’t nearly as sophisticated as her daughter’s design.) 

Oh, and by the way, the dress has pockets. *Pauses for effect*

Meanwhile, somewhere in midtown, SJP has been busy working on her own brick-and-mortar shoe store in New York City, SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker which, despite the various setbacks brought on by the pandemic, opened its doors for the first time this month (when NYC received the green light to reopen retail businesses). Parker herself has been manning the boutique, according to her Instagram.

Maybe Tabitha could open a popup shop inside? Just a thought.

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