Jennifer Garner's 12-Year-Old Just Made a 'Very Impressive' Etch-a-Sketch Portrait of Her Mom

As it turns out, some major talent runs in Jennifer Garner's family, but we're not just talking about acting.

Garner's 12-year-old daughter, Seraphina, just made a portrait of her mother using an Etch-a-Sketch's pretty impressive if we're being honest. Etch-a-Sketches are *hard*! The 48-year-old actress shared her daughter's artwork on Instagram, where she said, "Mom: A Portrait, by a tween (who is very ready for spring break.)"

The image is a detailed drawing of Garner that we think would make Buddy the Elf proud. Friends were quick to applaud Seraphina's talent, like the I Mom So Hard podcast duo of Kristin and Jen, who said, "Um, that's a pretty darn good etch-a-sketch sketch. =)." Illustrator Marla Frazee shared her amazement, saying, "VERY IMPRESSIVE."

Seraphina is Garner's middle child, between her eldest daughter, Violet Ann (15) and her son, Samuel Garner (9). Last year, Garner sat down with the Mom Brain podcast to talk about her experiences as a mother, saying, "Every day with parenting is a fresh start to get it right, or a fresh start to try something new. It’s an experiment...I was definitely someone who, when my first was little, I was very much preparing the path for my child." But, Garner continued, "It’s not until I had my third that I learned to prepare my child for the path, instead of preparing the path for my child."

While Garner is a superstar mom off-camera, she's been performing the role on screen as well. Her most recent movie, Yes Day, follows a mother and father who say "yes" to their kids for an entire day, which leads to a series of antics. The plot of the film hits home for Garner, who is a fan of the movie's literary inspiration, and has even held an annual "Yes Day" with her own children.

Talk about mom goals.

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