Jennifer Aniston Posted a Vintage Interview Clip from the Early Days of ‘Friends’ and It's...the Best

For those of us who grew up watching Friends (and obsessing over Jennifer Aniston), this newly-revealed clip is a major treat.

The 52-year-old actress shared a rare snippet from an interview that was filmed back in the ’90s before the first season of Friends aired on NBC. A very-young Aniston discusses her hopes for the show (and of course, she is rocking that iconic hairdo).

Aniston shared the video on her Instagram to celebrate the premiere of the new HBO Max special, Friends: The Reunion. Along with the post, she said, “#TBT Like WAY WAY BACK... Happy #FriendsReunion Day ♥ from the @entertainmenttonight archive...”

At the start of the clip, Aniston says, “We're still pretty much in shock every day that we come to work and we just realized how well we get along and you know, no one gets on anyone's nerves and no one gets picked on more than the other.”

When asked if she was nervous for the show to premiere and to see how well it would do, Aniston laughed and said, “Absolutely, yes.” She later added, “I am on pins and needles about the show.”

However, the best part of the footage is that during the interview, we can see some of the antics that frequently occurred behind-the-scenes of the sitcom. While Aniston was chatting with Entertainment Tonight, Matthew Perry comes rolling through with a giant light, saying, “Sorry, I just gotta get through.” Meanwhile, Lisa Kudrow walks up with a fire extinguisher and says, “The boys thought it would be funny if I walked through with this as a part of the bit.” Matt LeBlanc even walks up right behind Aniston, while pushing a giant ladder.

We love this opportunity to see all the fun the Friends cast had together (and we're not surprised to learn they were also jokesters off-screen).

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