Jennifer Aniston Rocks a Totally New Updo While Wrapping ‘Murder Mystery 2’ Filming

As the new queen of haircare, it doesn't surprise us that Jennifer Aniston is pulling out surprising ’dos on her Instagram.

Recently, the 53-year-old actress has been filming the sequel to her hit Netflix movie, Murder Mystery. She and Adam Sandler have been traveling all across the globe for the second installment, but according to Aniston's latest post, it seems that production is now finishing up.

“Merciiii Paris,” Aniston said, along with an emoji of the French flag. “That’s a wrap. #MurderMystery2.” In her video, the Friends actress created a montage from her time on set, and while we loved the rare look behind the scenes, we couldn't help but notice that in a few of the clips, Aniston is rocking a totally different hairdo.

The shots flash by so quickly that you could blink and miss them, but in the first few seconds, we see instances of Aniston, where she has a messy updo à la Pamela Anderson in the ’90s (yes, we're talking about that glam bun with the stray strands framing the face).

Cosmopolitan first noticed the change, and they pointed out that this is a rare ’do from Aniston. While the Morning Show actress has been sticking with side parts and layered waves as of late, it seems she decided to try something new for the upcoming comedy.

Aniston first shared a moment from the Murder Mystery 2 set back in February. The star included a photo of her and Sandler, followed by a video of the cast and crew. This clip seemed to be filmed from some sort of tropical location, and in the photo of her and Sandler, Aniston was rocking her usual haircut.

We'll be anxiously awaiting the release of Murder Mystery 2 (and apparently all the surprising looks that will come with it).

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