Jameela Jamil Opens Up About What It’s Really Like to See Meghan Markle Shaking Things Up in the Monarchy

jameela jamil opens up about meghan markle

English actress and The Good Place star Jameela Jamil knows a thing or two about the British monarchy. After all, she was born and raised in London and was recently cherry-picked by Meghan Markle to be a part of her guest edit for British Vogue.

So with all the recent news about Markle and Prince Harry shaking things up at Buckingham Palace—including Markle’s openness about life in the royal spotlight while talking to ITV and recent lawsuit against the British tabloids for bullying her—we had to ask Jamil: How does she feel about Markle’s impact on the monarchy? 

During an exclusive chat with PureWow about her partnership with Credit Karma and their new Credit Karma Savings program, Jamil had this to say about Markle’s role at the palace: “It’s really important and wonderful what they’re doing,” she says. “We’ve needed someone like them for a very, very, very long time.”

Jamil also said she sees a huge resemblance between the royal couple and Princess Diana when it comes to the work they’re carrying out. “Someone else who was [shaking things up at the palace] was Harry’s mother, Diana, who unfortunately was unable to live that out as long as she should have. It’s amazing to see that Harry has taken that baton and is bringing a sense of reality and relatability and accountability to the way that we treat people in this country.”

As for the future of the monarchy, Jamil adds: “It’s important that as the monarchy exists, they are a golden standard. If they aren’t promoting humanity and empathy, then that bleeds out into our society. I think Harry and Meghan’s fight for the correct and moral treatment of other people is vital. It’s really exciting to have people be willing to fight back against our insidious press.”

Hear, hear, Jameela—we couldn’t agree more. 

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