Hoda Kotb Had to Dye Her Hair Dark After an At-Home Color Mishap

Fans probably noticed that Hoda Kotb recently debuted a darker hair color, but they might not realize that it was a total accident.

The Today co-host, 57, recently discussed the “happy mistake” during an episode of the popular talk show. While chatting with guest co-anchor Sheinelle Jones (who filled in for Jenna Bush), Kotb explained that her new hair color is a result of an at-home dye job gone awry.

It all started when she invited a stylist to her home for a keratin treatment. (FYI, her salon is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.) “My whole family’s coming today so I decided I wanted to do that keratin treatment I like to do,” she said. “It just takes the frizz out so I’m like, ‘I’ll do that early, I’m gonna be on it.’”

After the treatment, Kotb’s hair was “fire-engine orange.” “Like Bozo orange. I looked, and I go, ‘What happened?’” she said before referencing a box of tissues. “It was like this orange on the Kleenex box…I was like an orange Q-tip.”

Kotb noted that it was a total accident, adding, “I think it was something funky with the chemicals.”

The co-anchor explained that the easiest fix was to dye her hair dark. “She just started putting stuff on it, and it’s dark brown now, so that’s the way it is,” she said.

On the bright side, dark brown suits her.

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