I Don’t Think Hannah Brown Will Take Peter Weber’s Offer & Here’s Why

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Last night, Peter Weber found himself in a pickle after Hannah Brown confessed her feelings during the season 24 premiere of The Bachelor. While it may seem like the former Bachelorette, 25, is joining the show as a contestant, I’m not convinced the pilot, 28, will let her stay, and there’s (at least) one super simple reason behind it: It isn’t fair.

After yesterday’s episode, Bachelor Nation has been blowing up with questions about the future of Weber and Brown’s relationship. It all starts when the beauty queen surprises Weber during the limo arrivals. Brown explains that she’s here as a friend—not a contestant—because she wants to return the “wings” that Weber gave her on night one of The Bachelorette, so he can officially find his co-pilot.

hannah brown bachelor premiere
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Later in the episode, Brown returns (again) to host the second group date, where she tasks the contestants with sharing a personal sex story in front of a live studio audience. After performing an example monologue about her windmill experience with Weber, Brown retreats backstage and gets emotional in a conversation with producers.

“I know I care for him,” she says. “I know I loved him, but I know sometimes it doesn’t work.”

When Weber “coincidentally” stumbles upon Brown in tears, the pair reveal that they both still have feelings for each other. “I’m really happy for you,” Brown says. “It’s just a lot.”

After Brown hints that she regrets choosing Jed Wyatt, Weber suggests she join the show as a contestant. When it’s decision time, the screen reads, “To be continued…”

hannah brown peter weber bachelor premiere
ABC/Eric McCandless

So, Will Brown Take Weber's Offer?

It doesn’t seem likely. Sure, ABC is making it seem like there’s no other option, but the logistics don’t make sense. First of all, there’s too much history between Brown and Weber. While it’s not unheard of for the network to cast someone the Bachelor already knows, they’ve never picked someone with sexual history.

And second, it’s just not fair to the other contestants. Weber and Brown had a strong relationship—so much so that he was about to propose before she sent him packing. (And I thought Kelley from the hotel lobby had a leg up…)

We’re reminded in last night’s episode that when it comes to reality TV, emotions complicate everything. Although Weber was willing to give Brown another chance after The Bachelorette, he never heard from her…and vice versa. When Brown saw Weber as the Bachelor, she remembered all the good times they had together, which—in turn—caused Weber to take a walk down memory lane, too.

I’m not denying their feelings for each other—they’re definitely there. All I’m saying is there would be no point in inviting 30 women to The Bachelor mansion only to let a former fling confuse the star. You had your chance, sis.

hannah brown peter weber bachelor
ABC/Eric McCandless

What Happens Next?

I think Brown will consider Weber’s offer…initially. Why? Because they’re infatuated and not thinking about the bigger picture. Once the other contestants find out what’s happening, that’s when things will get interesting.

I think the women will freak when they realize their new competition is Weber’s ex-girlfriend. Not only will there be tears, but there will also be grudges that result in a few women choosing to leave the mansion of their own accord.

But it will quickly become clear that Brown (who is going to be heartbroken regardless of her decision) can’t really stay. Although I don’t know why she put herself in this lose-lose position in the first place, I don’t blame the producers—it would have been an awfully boring episode without her.

It all comes down to one question… Is Weber ready to date someone other than Hannah Brown? The Bachelor returns next Monday, January 13, at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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