Gwen Stefani Just Gave Blake Shelton a Joe Exotic Haircut

Like so many of us at home now, Blake Shelton needed a haircut. And like so many of us at home now, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Or, in this case, his girlfriend Gwen Stefani's hands. 

Fans of Shelton know that he's been growing out a throwback mullet for about a month during this time of self-quarantine. As he explained on Twitter, "With basically EVERYTHING I had scheduled being canceled for the foreseeable further @gwenstefani and I have made a decision together. I am growing my mullet back as a symbol of hope or some sh— like that.. Anyway it’s coming back! For real. Stay tuned.."

Since his initial announcement on March 17th, he's even added some stripes on the sides of his ever-growing mane. The newest addition to Shelton's hair? Jimmy Fallon's initials. On last night's episode of the The Tonight Show, Stefani took a pink comb and hair clippers to trim up Shelton's sides while they talked about their new duet, "Nobody but you," and other quarantine activities they've been up to on Shelton's ranch in Oklahoma. (Anyone else gardening and listening to ska music?!)

"I'm literally putting your initials in my head right now, Jimmy," laughed Shelton as Gwen trimmed both sides of his hair with the clippers. Upon closer inspection, Fallon thought Shelton was channeling Joe Exotic, exclaiming, "Dude, you are so Tiger King right now you have no idea."

Umm...that sounds like a great casting idea. Someone call Ryan Murphy.


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