How to Cut Your Own Hair (When You Can’t Get to a Salon)

It’s a hair horror story as old as time: You go to give your fringe a "light trim" and wind up with lopsided baby bangs that look like the work of a toddler. But since visiting a salon isn’t an option these days, you may find yourself staring into the mirror with scissors in (trembling) hand. Fear not: With a few expert tricks (and a lot of patience), you’ll learn how to cut your own hair without having to sport a baseball cap for the next month.

Ready to see how it’s done? Watch this week’s episode of The Glow Up, wherein PureWow’s beauty director Jenny Jin gets a lesson in “dusting” (aka gently cleaning up) her mane from Penelope Love, stylist at Sam Brocato Salon in New York City. (If you’re able, you can support Love and other stylists here as they navigate these difficult times.)

Here is Love’s quick guide to touching up your bangs:

  1. Tie back hair, leaving bangs in full view.
  2. Section your fringe in half and clip one layer up.
  3. Comb the hair down, make a peace sign and hold the hair between both fingers.
  4. To achieve natural, textured ends, tilt your scissors at an angle and *lightly* trim the bottom of your locks.
  5. For the sides of your bangs, trim with your fingers angled downward toward your ear to follow the direction of your hair.

* For curly gals, skip the comb and pull each curl individually when cutting.

After Love guides us through the simple technique, Jin puts her newfound skills to the test and (gasp) gives her fiancé a full trim. Watch it all go down here.

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