The 8 Most Memorable Moments from the 2023 Golden Globes

We come for the dresses, but we stay for the winners, laughs and awkward moments.

Tonight, the 80th annual Golden Globes took place at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. From Jennifer Coolidge's hilarious bit to Ke Huy Quan's acceptance speech, here are eight of the most memorable moments from the 2023 ceremony.

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1. Jerrod's Opening Monologue

The comedian opened the awards show with a cutting monologue, starting off with, “I’ll tell you why I’m here. I’m here because I’m Black.”

Clearly referencing the HFPA's controversial history, he added, “One minute you’re at home making mint tea, the next, you’re invited to be the Black face of an embattled white organization.”

Still, Carmichael acknowledged the talented nominees. "This is an evening where we get to celebrate," he said. "And I think the industry deserves evenings like this."

2. Ke Huy Quan's emotional acceptance speech

The Everything Everywhere All at Once actor got emotional after he won his first Globe award for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture.

He said, “I was raised to never forget where I came from and always remember who gave me my first opportunity. I’m so happy to see Steven Spielberg here tonight. Steven, thank you. When I started my career as a child actor in Indiana Jones, I started to wonder if that was it, if that was just luck."

He continued, "For so many years, I was afraid that I had nothing else to offer. Thankfully, more than 30 years later, two guys thought of me. They remembered that kid."

3. Ryan Murphy's heartfelt tribute to the LGBTQ+ community

Legendary TV writer and producer Ryan Murphy was honored with this year's Carol Burnett Award—but he dedicated his entire speech to other talented LGBTQ stars who have inspired him, including Niecy Nash, Billy Porter, Matt Bomer and Jeremy Pope.

After noting the importance of queer representation, he said, “My mission was to take the invisible, the unloved and make them the heroes I longed to see but never did in pop culture.”

He added, “When I was a young person at home in the ’70s watching The Carol Burnett Show, I never ever saw a person like me getting an award or even being a character on a TV show. It’s hard being an LGBTQ kid in America, in fact all over the world. You were often told you will ever become anything. You have to hide your life to survive. But for those kids watching tonight, I offer up MJ and Billy and Niecy and Matt and Jeremy as examples of possibility. There is a way forward.”

4. Jennifer Coolidge presenting "the Oscar"

The White Lotus star delivered plenty of laughs as she opened up about being asked to present at the ceremony. She recalled telling them, “To make it from behind the curtain all the way to the podium without breaking my skull—you know, because of all these overwaxed floors—I just can't do it.”

The actress even "butchered" a few names that she tried to pronounce (like Kaley Cuoco). But the highlight? Her accidentally presenting the "Oscar" instead of the Golden Globe.

5. AND her well-deserved win

Coolidge won the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series and her speech was nothing short of perfect. Her remarks included a few emotional moments and, of course, her classic brand of humor.

She told the audience, “I had such big dreams as a young person, but what happens is they get sort of fizzled by life. Mike White, you gave me a new beginning, even though this is the end, 'cause you did kill me off. Even if this is the end, you changed my life.”

6. Michelle Yeoh's candid acceptance speech

After her well-deserved win for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, the Everything Everywhere All at Once star opened up about her early days in the industry, noting that she didn't get the warmest welcome.

She said, “When I first came to Hollywood, it was a dream come true until I got here. Because look at this face. Someone said to me ‘You speak English?’ I mean, forget about them not knowing Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Asia, India. And then I said, ‘Yeah, the flight here was about 13 hours long.’”

“As time went by—I turned 60 last year—and I think all of you women understand this as the days, years, numbers get bigger, the opportunities get smaller, as well. Then along came the best gift: Everything, Everywhere All at Once.”

7. Angela Bassett's tribute to Chadwick Boseman

After winning the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for her performance in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Bassett pointed out that, nearly three decades ago, she won her first Golden Globe for What's Love Got to Do With It? Then, she paid tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman.

She said, "We embarked on this journey together with love. We mourned. We loved. We healed, and we were surrounded every day by the light and spirit of Chadwick Boseman."

"We showed the world what Black unity, leadership and love looks like beyond, behind and in front of the camera."

8. Quinta Brunson's winning speech

Quinta Brunson snagged the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy for her role in Abbott Elementary. And in her speech, she not only gave a special shoutout to her cast mates, but she spoke about the show's impact.

To those who approved her show, Brunson said, "Thank you for believing in this show about a group of teachers in Philadelphia. It resonated with the world in a way that I could think of—well, but let’s be real, I did imagine it that’s why I sold it to you." Well said.

Major congrats to Brunson and her team!

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