Evan Rachel Wood Teases Upcoming Drama Between Dolores & Serac in ‘Westworld’

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

After last night’s episode of Westworld, it’s safe to say that Serac (Vincent Cassel) is majorly intimidated by Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), who is on a blood-thirsty revenge mission. But according to the 32-year-old actress, the best is yet to come.  

Wood recently sat down for a candid new interview with Deadline, where she discussed Dolores’s relationship with Serac. While Dolores is currently running the show, the actress revealed that Serac’s intimidation isn’t a direct result of her intelligence. Instead, he’s worried about Dolores’s machine-like capabilities, which are getting stronger by the day. 

“The system can’t read her, and he lives his life by the system,” Wood explained. “I think that’s why he’s really afraid of Dolores, because she has the processing capability that his machine has, maybe not as many thoughts per second, but she’s really the only one that can go toe to toe with it, because she probably relates more to that piece of machinery than she does to any human. She understands it. She speaks its language.”

Wood went on to say that all of Dolores’s research will eventually pay off, adding “So, given the power that she has and the books that she read in season two that were, you know, decoding the humans. And given that access, I think we’re really going to see things blow up.”

All we have to say is…Caleb (Aaron Paul) better not be collateral damage. Westworld returns to HBO next Sunday, April 12.

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