Where Is Dolores’s Fifth Memory Pearl on ‘Westworld’? We Think We Know…

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

In last night’s episode of Westworld, we accounted for four of the five memory pearls that Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) stole from Delos. Although we still don’t know the location of the fifth, we have some thoughts about one major possibility: Caleb (Aaron Paul).

We know, we know. The character was just introduced in the season three premiere and even has a backstory that proves he wasn’t originally manufactured in the Delos lab. However, we’re not convinced that Caleb is 100 percent human, and it has everything to do with how Dolores treated him in last night’s episode.

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Here’s what you need to know: In season three, episode four of Westworld, titled “The Mother of Exiles,” Dolores continues her revenge mission against the human world. We later learn that Dolores is also disguised as Charlotte (Tessa Thompson), who commits the Man in Black (Ed Harris) to a mental institution after revealing her true identity (aka Dolores).

This is a huge deal, since we previously thought it could be Teddy (James Marsden) operating as Charlotte. To top it off, we now know the location of four of Dolores’s stolen memory pearls: Charlotte, Martin Connells (Tommy Flanagan), Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Musashi (Hiroyuki Sanada).

This leaves one missing pearl, and we think it’s embedded in Caleb. Yes, it’s a total stretch, but last night’s episode presented us with three key pieces of evidence.

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First of all, Caleb is 100 percent committed to Dolores. While it could be a total coincidence, we’ve learned that anyone who Dolores employs is probably being operated by the character herself. Just saying.

Second, she’s treating him like a host. During the episode, Dolores extracts blood from a businessman, so Caleb can use his DNA for a transaction. Prior to the mission, Dolores instructs Caleb to “act like one of them.” Does Dolores think Caleb is a host? And if not, what makes him incapable of navigating the human world on his own?

And lastly, we wouldn’t put it past Dolores. Now that Maeve discovered there’s someone named “The Mortician” who’s working with Dolores, we wouldn’t be surprised if Dolores arranged a human-to-host transplant for Caleb.

Why? Dolores isn’t dumb, and since we already know the location of four out of five memory pearls, we highly doubt she’d implant the final one in someone we already know. Caleb is pretty much the only new character we’ve seen in season three, so you do the math.

Westworld returns to HBO on Sunday, April 12.

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