Is Caleb (aka Aaron Paul) the New Teddy on ‘Westworld’?​

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Westworld season three is officially here, and one thing’s for sure: Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is setting her eyes on a brand-new victim, Caleb (Aaron Paul).

dolores westworld season 3
John P. Johnson/HBO

Last night’s premiere, titled “Parce Domine,” picked up right where the season two finale left off, with Dolores seeking revenge on the human world in futuristic Los Angeles.

Back in Westworld, Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) is acting as the interim Delos CEO and blaming everything on Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), who is now living on a small farm under the alias “Armand Delgado.”

Although Dolores’s goal is to hijack her new boyfriend’s company, we feel like the show’s newest character, Caleb, is the person to watch.

aaron paul westworld season 3
John P. Johnson/HBO

He doesn’t come into contact with Dolores until the end of the episode, when she stumbles under an overpass after getting into a fight with a thug and his crew. But that wasn’t the first time we saw the character.

Throughout the episode, we’re introduced to Caleb’s backstory of being a veteran who does criminology as a side gig. His extra screen time can only mean that Caleb must play a large role in Dolores’s plan for world domination.

The problem? We’ve seen this happen before. In seasons one and two, Dolores slowly convinced Teddy (James Marsden) to carry out her attack against Westworld. Once she no longer needed him, she killed him and continued on her journey.

This is why we’re convinced that Caleb will be her future victim. Not only does Dolores desperately need a partner-in-crime, but she also has a habit of using people and then disposing of them when they’re no longer needed.

Is history repeating itself? Or has Dolores finally met her match? Guess we’ll have to wait until Westworld returns to HBO next Sunday, March 22.

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