Drake's ‘Degrassi’ Reunion Video Might Just Lead to a Reboot

Whether you’re a Gen X-er, Millennial or Xennial, chances are you probably watched Degrassi: The Next Generation and are at least vaguely aware that Drake played Jimmy Brooks on the Canadian teen soap back when he still went by Aubrey Graham.

Well, in the Grammy winner’s new “I’m Upset” video, he gathered his fellow Degrassi High alums, and now we can’t help but wonder: Could this lead to a Degrassi reboot? *Crosses fingers*

“Never say never,” Miriam McDonald, who played Emma on the hit show, told E! News. “We couldn’t have predicted this video was going to come along. Who knows what the next stop on this crazy train we’re on is going to be.”

Shane Kipple, who played Spinner, echoed McDonald’s enthusiasm, saying, “I don’t think there would be anyone out there that if there was an opportunity to do some sort of reboot in some sort of form, whatever form that may be, I don’t think anyone would be quick to turn that down!”

So is it time for Degrassi: The Next, Next Generation?

The ball’s in your court, Drake.


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