Disney Released Two New Clips from ‘The Lion King’ (and We Finally See When Timon and Pumbaa Meet Simba)

The release date of the live-action The Lion King is rapidly approaching—eight days to be exact (but who’s counting?). And while we’ve all been waiting with very high expectations, Disney is continuing to keep us on our toes—this time, with two never-before-seen clips from the film.

The company has already released a handful of trailers and just yesterday, we were even given a new single from Beyoncé.

But now, we have a look at two major moments from the film—when Timon (Billy Eichner) and Pumbaa (Seth Rogan) discover baby Simba (Donald Glover) and when Scar (Chiwetel Ejiofo) lures Simba to the stampede of wildebeests where…well you know what happens there.  

Check out both videos below. 

Finally, a glimpse into the relationship between our favorite best pals Timon and Pumbaa. Plus it’s a pretty important scene in the movie…the moment they meet young Simba immediately after the heart-breaking stampede. 

"We're gonna name him Fred," Pumbaa tells Timon. 

In the other clip, we see Scar lure Simba into the path of the dreaded stampede. It's less jovial than the first, but still another important moment from the movie. 

So Disney, please feel free to keep the videos, music and behind-the-scene looks coming. The Lion King hit theaters July 19.