Here’s Chris Evans’s Exact Lunch Order...Plus 7 Other Juicy Tidbits We Learned from the Best Gossip Source on Instagram

When it comes to celebrity gossip, we’re like the rest of the world. Our main sources are pop culture media outlets and (if we’re being completely honest) the Instagram feeds of our favorite Hollywood celebs.

However, there’s been one social media account, in particular, that has taken the internet by storm over last few months. Called Deuxmoi, the new page has become a go-to for the celebrity-obsessed. According to the New York Times, the page is run by an anonymous New York City woman (how Carey Bradshaw of her!) and gained popularity earlier this year when she decided to repurpose her 2015 lifestyle account because she was “bored.”

“It was the day that I got sent home from work and knew that we were going to be quarantined for an indefinite amount of time,” she told the outlet. “I think it was March 18. I just sort of threw out a question: ‘You guys have any celeb encounters that you want to share?’ And that’s literally how it started.” Easy enough.

Here’s how it works. The site runs on anonymous tips sent in by fans and followers. The account then shares the information on Instagram's Stories feature—which means it's only available after 24 hours (aka you need to make an effort to keep up).

So, what kind of information are we talking about here? Well, pretty much everything from breaking news and mundane celebrity gossip to scandalous stories and fun facts about our favorite A-listers. It’s important to note that all of the information is unverified, so we’re taking all the juicy stories (and the mundane ones, too) with a grain of salt.

Keep reading for eight of our favorite tidbits of information, including Chris Evans’s very specific sandwich order.

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@deuxmoi/ Instagram

1. Celebrity Sightings

Towards the end of almost every weekend, followers can expect to find a handful of celebrity spottings in both Los Angeles and New York (and a few other unexpected locales, like Toronto). This weekend one user wrote, “Spotted Irina Shaykk and Lea with a nanny at the West Village playground,” while another added “Saw cousin Greg [Nicholas Braun] at Sadelles!”

2. Jennifer Lopez’s dessert order

According to the New York Times, Deuxmoi shared that it’s apparently “a bite of creme brulée.” If only we had that kind of self-control.

3. Upcoming baby announcements

Last month, the account revealed that an unnamed celebrity couple will be announcing a pregnancy “in a few months.” The tipster also told us to “keep an eye out” for the big news.

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@deuxmoi/ Instagram

4. Will Ferrell’s Table Etiquette

A post from over the weekend read, “Justice for Will Ferrell! I was his waitress about 8 years while dined with his wife and sons. They were absolutely delightful! Will asked my name when they sat and, after that, the whole family said ‘Thank you, Tess!’ whenever I came to their tables. His boys were so well-mannered. Truly one of the best celeb encounters.”

5. Where Orlando Bloom once changed his baby

The same L.A. waitress also revealed that OB once changed his baby’s diaper on the table in the middle of the restaurant. In fact, at the same table where Ferrell and his family dined...

6. Chris Evans’s go-to Sandwich order

An anonymous source recently claimed that Captain America is a big fan of the ham sandwich, specifically with pickles, tomatoes, a little mustard, and extra mayo. Not to mention, he gets salt and vinegar chips on the side and “always puts money in the tip jar.” Sounds like a quality dude.

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@deuxmoi/ Instagram

7. Katie Holmes’s weekend activities

Turns out, the Dawson’s Creek star and her daughter Suri enjoy riding Citi Bikes in the West Village on Sunday afternoons.

8. Unlikely A-list Friendships

Back in July, a follower sent in a tip that Sally Fields and Jason Segel dined together at a dim sum restaurant in Chinatown. Who knew these two were pals?

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