There's a Picture of the Creatures from ‘Bird Box’ & We Can't Unsee It

It’s almost been one month since Netflix blessed us with Bird Box and simultaneously made us contemplate whether we can make it from the kitchen to the bathroom with a blindfold. Although the movie never explicitly showed us what was terrorizing Sandra Bullock, this brand-new photo of “the creatures” will make you wish they had.

It all started earlier this week when director Susanne Bier discussed the now-viral movie. Although the monsters were never shown during the film, Bier revealed that it was a last-minute decision. In fact, she originally planned on showing us a glimpse of the creatures, and there’s a pic to prove it.

The photo features a bald, wrinkly monster that bears a striking resemblance to a newborn baby. Although SFX Atlas, a special effects company, has since deleted the post, that didn’t stop fans from screenshotting and sharing it on their own Instagram accounts.

We can’t unsee this. Bird Box is now streaming on Netflix.


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