Here's Why Everyone and Their Mother Is Obsessed with Trevante Rhodes (and Why You Should Join the Club)

Oh, heyyy there. We couldn't see you through our Trevante Rhodes-approved blindfold (which just happens to have pics of Rhodes pasted all over the inside of it, if you must know).

Jokes aside, the Bird Box actor has become quite the heartthrob. After starring in the Netflix film opposite Sandra Bullock as her character's love interest, Rhodes became a Twitter and Instagram sensation (though he was already on everyone's radar for Moonlight, more on that later). The film, which was viewed by over 26 million in the U.S. in its first week, spawned a plethora of accompanying memes—and, yes, this is the recipe for success in 2019. 

But Rhodes was a celebrated actor (not to mention #1 bae) long before the blindfold went on. He starred as adult Chiron in 2016's Academy Award-winning Moonlight. He also starred in The Predator and 12 Strong. Before acting, he was an accomplished track and field sprinter, and earned his degree at the University of Texas Austin. 

A quick look at his social accounts (nearly every Instagram Rhodes posts is accompanied by literally hundreds of comments about how sexy he is), reveals the spike in recognition from the movie that Netflix claims every two in three subscribers has watched. One user commented, "You were the butter to my toast, may Tom Rest In Peace ❤️," while another of Rhodes's posts from one week post-movie-release garnered nearly 172K likes (almost doubling his second most-liked 'Gram). 

"I enjoy you," another user commented. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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