PSA: Netflix Asks Fans to Opt Out of the ‘Bird Box’ Challenge Because Safety, People

If you’ve seen Bird Box, then you’ve probably considered how difficult it would be to go about daily life (or escape a deadly monster) wearing a blindfold. Well, Netflix would really appreciate it if you didn’t try it at home.

The streaming service issued a pubic service announcement via Twitter yesterday and asked fans of the hit horror film to ignore the Bird Box challenge (ie: walking around blindfolded) because it’s dangerous (duh). Netflix, apparently, felt so impassioned that it decided to use all caps and first person.

The concern makes sense, as videos of blindfolded people getting injured riding scooters, walking around their homes and more have inundated the internet since the film’s December 13 debut.

Welp, you know what they say: life imitates art…but it’s not always safe.


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