You Guys, Colton Saved One of Cassie’s Butterflies from ‘The Bachelor’

Remember the box of fake butterflies that Cassie Randolph brought on night one of The Bachelor? Well, it made a bigger impact on Colton Underwood than we originally thought.

Earlier this week, Underwood posted a photo on Instagram and revealed that he held onto something special from the limo arrivals: a butterfly.

He captioned the post, “She doesn’t know this, but I still have the butterfly from the first night.”

It all started back in episode one when Randolph stepped out of the limo holding a box filled with fake butterflies. After cracking a joke about how he literally gives her butterflies, Cassie opened the box and spilled a few creatures on the ground before heading inside.

Although Underwood picked one up and put it in his pocket, we assumed it went with the rest of the gifts: in the trash.

The news comes just a few days after season 23 of The Bachelor came to an end. When Randolph sent herself home in part one of the finale, Underwood proceeded to break up with the remaining two women, Hannah G. and Tayshia.

After declaring his love for the speech pathologist, the couple decided to get back together and take it “day by day.”

The butterfly says it all.


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