‘Bachelor’ Exclusive: Colton Underwood Reveals Why He & Cassie Randolph Aren’t Moving In Together Just Yet

Since bidding season 23 of The Bachelor adieu (without getting engaged), Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph have been settling into their relationship without the added pressure of cameras filming them 24/7. And although the 27-year-old former Bachelor is glad to report they’re both “very, very happy,” he says they’re in no rush to share an address.

When we spoke to Underwood about his MorningStar Farms partnership and his (and Cassie’s!) month-long meatless adventure, he gave us an update on where they stand on the cohabitation front. While Underwood recently relocated to Los Angeles so they could be closer, he pointed out that they’re not taking steps to move in together just yet.

As Underwood explained, “She lives in West Hollywood with her sister and I’m up in Sherman Oaks. We live about 20 minutes from each other.” By LA standards, that’s nothing.

Underwood went on to say that they’ve discussed moving in together but are currently focused on deepening their bond before taking any big steps.

“We’ve had talks about that, but I think there are other things in our relationship that we’re focusing on right now. Coming off of the show and the expectations that are put on us from that franchise, we just wanted to do the right thing for our relationship,” Underwood explained.

So what’s on their plate currently? Underwood reasoned, “There are other parts of our relationship that we’re battling so much right now, like our quality time, time with friends and family, and making sure that we continue to build trust not only with each other but in our friend group and in our family. We love that support and we want to be supported in our relationship just as much as we support each other.”

Ultimately, living together is probable. But for now, Underwood said he and Randolph are just “really trying to communicate our best about what we want out of this and we’re both very, very happy.”

That’s all you can ask for.


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