‘Virgin River’ Star Colin Lawrence Has a New Lifetime Movie Coming—& It Co-Stars His Actual Daughter

Virgin River’s Colin Lawrence is a very busy man these days. Not only is he getting to work on two more seasons of the popular Netflix drama, but he also has a new Lifetime movie coming out next month.

The 51-year-old actor teased his latest project, a holiday film called Dancing Through the Snow, in a post on Instagram last week. In the caption, Lawrence revealed that not only will he be starring alongside 90210’s Analyn McCord, but his real-life daughter, Bianca, as well.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year (almost),” he wrote alongside the slideshow of images. “It was an absolute delight having the opportunity to work with @theannalynnemccord and my real-life daughter in this heartwarming Christmas movie airing on @lifetimetv November 19th.”

The first shot shows Lawrence bending down to meet Bianca’s eyeline (a parenting move he learned from Kate Middleton perhaps?) at a dance recital. We’re not entirely sure if the image is from an actual scene in the film or just from the duo’s time together on set.

Lifetime’s official synopsis for the film reads, “Michael Foster (Colin Lawrence) is a firefighter and devoted single father to 8-year-old Lily (Bianca Lawrence), an aspiring ballerina. After a video goes viral of Michael and Lily doing an adorable ballet routine, Michael becomes the most eligible bachelor, as women everywhere want to date this adorable dad. However, the only woman Michael has eyes for is Lily's ballet teacher, Olivia (McCord). Will Michael be able to dance his way into Olivia's heart?”

So, while we still have some time before the holidays come around, at least we have this to look forward to first.

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