Ummm, Céline Dion Didn’t Originally Want to Record ‘My Heart Will Go On’

When we think of the hit film Titanic, one of the first things that comes to mind is Celine Dion’s iconic song “My Heart Will Go On.” But according to a recent interview, Dion’s version of the song almost didn’t happen. 

On Monday evening, the 51-year-old stopped by Watch What Happens Live and chatted with Andy Cohen about her successful career. When discussing her music, the singer revealed that it took a little coaxing to get her on board with the now-iconic song. 

“It is true,” she told Cohen. “It didn’t appeal to me. I was probably very tired that day—very tired. My husband said, ‘Let’s hold on.’ He talked to the writer and he said, ‘Let’s try to make it, like, a little demo.'”

The demo ultimately turned into the actual recording. “I sang the song once and they built the orchestra around it,” she continued. “I never re-sang it for the recording.” Wow. 

Watch the full interview below. 

The song debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart back in 1998, and helped the Titanic soundtrack sell more than 15 million (!) copies worldwide. The single also went on to win Best Original Song at the 1998 Academy Awards, not to mention a number of Grammys including Song of the Year.

In the words of Dion herself, we’re “glad they didn’t listen to” her.