Celine Dion Wore a ‘Titanic’-Themed Necklace During Paris Fashion Week

Near, far, or wherever you are: You have to see Celine Dion's latest Paris Fashion Week accessory.

As you've probably seen or heard by now, the "My Heart Will Go On" singer did the absolute most last week as she treated the streets of Paris like a catwalk. Her outlandish outfits even prompted editors of this publication to declare her winner of couture week (see this spandex bodysuit, the no-pants look, her optical illusion dress, bringing two dogs along as accessories, etc.).

So, were we surprised when Dion hit the streets of Paris in a head-turning statement piece? Absolutely not.

celine dion titanic necklace
Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

The Canadian singer wore a replica of the Heart of the Ocean blue sapphire necklace from the movie Titanic along with a new, trendy haircut when she stepped out for a stroll on Wednesday last week.

The massive blue stone was featured prominently in the "That's the Way It Is" singer's outfit along with her sleek lob. Dion also wore a gray blazer, "I love Paris Hilton" T-shirt, black miniskirt and black heels with the necklace. Both the tee and necklace were part of the Vetements spring 2020 collection.

celine dion necklace
Mehdi Taamallah/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Yep, that's Dion, who sang the 1997 movie's iconic theme song, letting us know her heart—and her truly legendary Paris Couture Week style—"will go on and on."


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