Camilla Parker Bowles Gets Candid About Working with Kate Middleton

We all know Kate Middleton has quite the talent when it comes to photography. The Duchess of Cambridge certainly has an eye for the craft, which has been shown in the numerous family and birthday portraits she’s taken over the years. This time around, Camilla Parker Bowles has become the latest subject to be captured by Middleton’s camera lens and she is opening up about the experience.

Last week, the royal family released a brand-new portrait of the Duchess of Cornwall on Clarence House’s official Instagram account. The slideshow featured a snapshot taken by Middleton herself. We also got a glimpse of Bowles’s brand-new cover for Country Life magazine.

The latest cover will mark the magazine’s 125 year anniversary and will be released on the royal’s 75th birthday on July 17. In a sneak peek clip for the ITV special titled Camilla’s Country Life, Bowles details what it was like working with Middleton on the photoshoot.

“[Middleton] did very good pictures, and she does it sort of naturally. We had a lot of fun doing it,” she said in the preview. “It was very relaxed and, of course, very kind of the Duchess of Cambridge. She came with her camera and she’s an extremely good photographer. And it was all very casual—there wasn’t much hair and make-up. It was just done in the garden with a lot of laughs—it was a lovely way of doing it.”

Bowles went on to share which photo got her husband, Prince Charles’s, stamp of approval. And you guessed it, it’s the final photo that was used for the cover issue.

The duchess is pleased with how the photos came out—even though she’s not quite used to looking at herself. “I think that they're very nice and I think they're just what's needed for Country Life,” she said.

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