BTS Are Secret Dolly Parton Party Fans and We’re Here for It

bts and dolly parton

All eyes were on Dolly Parton during that epic medley of greatest hits (and a new song too!) at the 2019 Grammy Awards, but we couldn't help but notice who would take home the audience award for biggest fans in the crowd. Surprise! It's K-pop band BTS. (Didn't see that coming? Neither did we.)

But it's true: Parton's heartfelt performance with special guests Miley Cyrus, Maren Morris and more gave all of us the chills, but when the cameras panned from celeb to celeb in the room, BTS was on their feet loving life and every single minute of Dolly onstage.

Game respects game, we guess. The seven-member boy band also knows how to bring it when it comes to performing for a crowd. Parton—with her big hair, glittering white power suit and stilettos—does the same and we love her (and them) for it.

We just hope they get a chance to meet—and figure out a way to collaborate—at one of the zillion Grammy after-parties planned for tonight.

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