Walter White and Jesse Pinkman Are Back in Business in New ‘Breaking Bad’ Super Bowl Commercial

2023 is giving us the Breaking Bad reunion we didn’t know we needed.

On Thursday, PopCorners released the first short teaser for their 2023 Super Bowl ad, where we see one member of the legendary dynamic duo, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). And, according to People, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) will join him for the full Breaking Bad-inspired commercial that will air on game night.

In the teaser clip, Jesse—who is wearing the old white jumpsuit—is sitting in a lawn chair while munching on a bag of White Cheddar PopCorners in the desert. And of course, it wouldn’t be an iconic throwback without their go-to white RV in the background. 

Then, Jesse receives a phone call (from Walter, perhaps?) and asks, “Yo, what's up?” Before we can hear who is on the other end of the line, the camera fades to black and the date for the kickoff day shows up on the screen.

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad CAT
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Earlier this month, PopCorners and Cranston shared a photo of the actor dressed in his famous Heisenberg attire, where he can be seen standing in a desert while holding a bag of the pop-corned snack—which also happen to be the same ones his former Breaking Bad co-star was eating in the teaser video. The caption read, “Say. Our. Name.”

Breaking Bad centers around a chemistry teacher named Walter White, who discovers he’s been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Wanting to make sure his family is cared for after he’s gone, he enlists the help of his former student, Jesse, and they team up to turn an empty RV into a meth lab. The show ran for a total of five seasons and even spawned a spinoff series called Better Call Saul.

We NEED to see the rest of this Breaking Bad Super Bowl ad now.

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