That Chi Machine in ‘Better Call Saul’ Is on Amazon for $147, and Based on the Reviews, We Kinda Want One

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There's a lot happening in the final season of AMC's Better Call Saul. And creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are masters at turning everyday objects into their own storytelling time capsules. (See: that Zafiro Añejo stopper.) In episode 11 of the Breaking Bad prequel, the object thrust into the spotlight was Viktor's/Gene's/Saul's Swing Master Chi Machine. We know he used it in his office before he got vacuumed, but he also apparently ordered one to Gene's address in the current timeline. So, what exactly is this device—and where can you get one?

better call saul swing master chi machine product

The Swing Master Chi Machine Do

Like Saul, to use the Chi Machine, you lay on the ground and lift your ankles into the foot cradles. Use the remote to start "a wave-like motion at the ankles that moves up the legs and spine." It looks like you're shaking your booty to a Salsa number on the ground. According to the product page, the passive aerobic exerciser helps with:

  • Loosening tight hips and back
  • Reducing swelling in the legs
  • Increasing oxygen circulation
  • Encouraging lymphatic flow

The Swing Master seems to be especially useful for people with sedentary jobs, and can be additionally used for "stress reduction, restful sleep, increased energy levels and an overall revitalization."

With a whopping 1,209 reviews averaging 4.3 stars, it definitely seems like an Amazon fave. One reviewer writes, "These machines make a huge difference for my swelling feet, lazy lymphatics and tired legs, and they realigned my tailbone and hips with twice daily use for two weeks, getting rid of some truly stubborn issues months after a car accident and some falls that even my stellar chiropractor couldn't fix!"

While we can't really trust Saul further than we could throw him, but he might be onto something when it comes to releasing muscle tension—especially for anyone who works remotely.


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