Need a ‘Breaking Bad’ Refresher Ahead of the ‘El Camino’ Movie Sequel? Aaron Paul Has You Covered

It’s been six years since the Breaking Bad finale, and we can still remember the first time we heard Aaron Paul utter his not safe for work catchphrase.

Now, we’re all getting a chance to relive the illicit magic of Breaking Bad with Netflix’s forthcoming movie sequel, El Camino: The Breaking Bad Movie. But, since the film hits theaters and the streaming platform tomorrow, there’s not quite enough time to re-watch all five seasons of the award-winning drama. Thankfully, Paul stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night and delivered a two-and-a-half-minute recap of the entire series. Spoiler alert: He throws in some pretty interesting details.

Paul explains in the refresher, the show starts with a “chemistry teacher who gets cancer [Bryan Cranston as Walter White]. His wife, Skyler [Anna Gunn], is pregnant and his son, Walt Jr. [RJ Mitte] really loves breakfast.” Honestly, that’s a pretty accurate summary.

He goes on to explain that Walt starts to cook meth in order to pay for his medical bills with the help of Paul’s character Jesse.

As Paul continues, his plot points get even more creative, succinct and speedy. “Skyler really likes the color purple…Danny Trejo’s decapitated head on a turtle…Pink teddy bear, one eye hanging out…We kill a fly,” he rattles off.

Paul’s recap concludes: “Then Walt dies while I drive away in an El Camino, which is also the name of the movie.” Boom.

El Camino hits major theaters and Netflix tomorrow, October 11. Thank goodness we got that quick recap out of the way so we could remember that Walt’s wife likes the color purple.

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