It Turns Out Pals Blake Lively & Gigi Hadid Share This Secret Talent

It seems that Hollywood is overflowing with secret chefs these days. Selena Gomez has her own cooking show (and a go-to set of knives), Virgin River stars are filming their at-home kitchen adventures and Netflix is giving us the chance to cook with Paris Hilton.

Now, it looks like we have two other names to add to that list: Blake Lively and Gigi Hadid.

Lively celebrated her 34th birthday earlier this week, and she has been receiving all kinds of birthday wishes (while also celebrating in style). One of the latest was a message from Hadid, who revealed that she and Lively share a secret talent for cooking.

“Happy birthday @blakelively,” Hadid said in an Instagram Story, which the Gossip Girl actress reposted on her own account. “Could post a pic of us but honoring this collab meal of ours just felt..better. I love you so much.” The image also included a graphic of a balloon that said, “I am so happy you were born.”

lively hero2
Blake Lively/Instagram

The two platters in the image look quite impressive (and delicious). The top plate is some form of a peach crostini appetizer, while the bottom is an elaborate pasta dish.

It also appears that Lively and Hadid aren't the only friends spending time in the kitchen. Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot must have also taken cooking lessons from the star, because she posted a story in honor of Lively's special day, saying, “To the woman who tried to teach me how to decorate cakes like a pro.. happy belated birthday! You're sweeter than any icing @blakelively.”

lively hero21
Blake Lively/Instagram

Blake—if you release a cookbook, we will definitely be the first in line to get it.

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