You Can Financially Help the Black Lives Matter Movement Without Giving Money, Thanks to These YouTube Videos

There are quite a number of lists circulating that highlight ways to donate to the Black Lives Matter movement. But there’s now a way you can lend financial support without giving money—and it’s as simple as watching videos on YouTube.

Yup, a new video project, created by YouTuber Zoe Amira, offers people a different method of contributing financially.

Here’s how it works. According to the videos—which run about an hour long—100 percent of the ad revenue from the included advertisements will be donated to a variety of organizations currently supporting BLM, such as the Black Visions Collective and more. All you have to do is allow them to play all the way through. (Though the videos generally don't feature any actual content, if you want to further educate yourself, check out these podcasts, books and movies.)

It’s important to note that in order for the videos to generate revenue that can be donated, you need to turn off any ad-blockers and avoid skipping the ads. For context into how successful this idea has been, the original video had 9.7 million views, 874,000 likes and 134,182 comments.

The project has inspired many others (like the one embedded above) that also support Black causes (for example, showcasing Black-owned businesses), and urge followers to simply play through the video as a way of contributing to important organizations.

Watch the full video above, share it and then maybe watch it again.